16 January 2012

Old articles from Milui

My first foray into UX freelance consultancy was through a company called Milui. The company is now defunct but I've managed to retrieve the articles and will be publishing them here. Article titles are:

Remote Testing
Outliers - a conundrum
Challenge Analysis
Practical Reliability of Experiments - a Practical Guide
Latent Semantic Analysis - an overview
So, you're short of cash and you need to test
Construct Validity
Give 'em what they want! Or should you?
Likert Scales and their Use
Why do people keep making "stupid" decisions?
Conversation Analysis and Collaborative Application Interfaces
The Learning Curve
Paper Review (Kane, 1994)
"The Principle of Genuine User Participation"
A New View of Research Validity Theory
Paper Review (Borsboom, Mellenbergh & van Heerden, 2004), The Concept of Validity
Paper Review: Downing (2003) Validity: on the Meaningful Interpretation of Assessment Data
How Many Items should go in a Menu?
Better Web Browser Usability?
Paper Review: Bowman & Hughes (2005)
So you have Writer's Block?
Problem Based Learning in Medical Education
Multiple Raters
Is "good enough" good enough?
The Rise and Rise of Search
Advanced Search
Designing for Amnesia
Web Usability - Non Relevant Links
Hate Dialogs, Love User Interaction?
50ms To Rate a Webpage!

I retrieved these articles from the WayBack machine and I'm excited to make them available again!

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