11 August 2017

Research trip to Singapore

We've just returned from a long research trip where we attended the Speciality Fine Foods Asia event in the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. We learned a lot of great things about the food and drinks market in Singapore (and south-east Asia!) and are developing the markets in the region for user research and UX design.
We're also planning some workshops in south-east Asia where we'll be training people to undertake UX activities such as research, design and usability testing. If you're interested in participating, you can contact us on alan@thoughtintodesign.com, Twitter at @ThoughtN2Design, or Facebook.

10 August 2017

International research & conferences

I've been invited to give the plenary talk at the PSITE conference in Tacloban, Philippines. It is a real honour to present an outline of user research and user experience design to such an important group of IT educators and I hope I can reward them with a fantastic talk.

The conference is 19–21 October 2017 and I'll be there with my company, Thought Into Design, the whole time.

We're also planning on running some UX workshops / training sessions the following week whilst we're in the Philippines. I can be contacted at alan@thoughtintodesign.com if you'd like to know more.

My partner and I just returned from Singapore and the Philippines after doing some research for DIT. It was a great few weeks and we gained some surprisingly useful insights for this client.