19 August 2008

Getting ready...

The demonstration for the "carousel" is coming along! Our Flash wizard is working hard on getting it ready for viewing. We've managed to add a few features to it that make it compelling in terms of usability - and having seen the early proof-of-concept, I can say that it certainly has a "wow" factor.

In terms of usability, we have added a "pen" which users can store documents in. From this pen, they can bookmark the lot (and even specify a folder), open all of them in separate tabs, or do what ever they like. I was quite surprised that it looked so good and cannot wait for the finished idea to be released. We will have a demonstration video available.

We are also looking into how to actually program this. It should be possible using some clever Javascript and a database (probably SQLite which is made for tasks like this), and we hope to release it as a Firefox extension. Whether it would be adopted as part of the Firefox core is another matter: Firefox's aim is to be lean and quick and they deliberately don't add extensions unless necessary (shame as noscript is an essential part of my browsing experience!) but they have the job of keeping the browser size to a minimum.

Watch this space for further news as it happens.

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