13 July 2008

Tutorial scripts

I've had some time to think about video tutorials for usability and they certainly seem possible. So far, I have only 6 planned and they will be between 5-9 minutes long. They are short but sites like YouTube have a limit on video length. This time should be enough to get the most important points across. Besides, I think that most people viewing them won't have time to sit down and watch a leisurely 50 minute video. A small chunk will be plenty for them because our target audience is developers and project managers who need the information quickly.

It was fun to script too. I have done two so far though the storyboards have yet to be done. I can pass this off to our multi-media expert who knows how to edit video and make excellent presentations. Of course we will be working to a tight budget but that won't make the quality suffer. I'm sure that user:number 1 can produce something very useful to a lot of people.

Then we would have to work out where to release. The obvious candidate is YouTube who can host the video for viewing on our own website; but there is also Showmedo who seem to be appropriate.

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