15 January 2013

Some SEO tips keywords

Here's a quick tip to get keywords to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) using Wikipedia - for free! Enter your term into Wikipedia. If it's a brand name, enter the product type (e.g., "handbags').

Click on 'Toolbox' to the left and then 'What links here', and you'll be shown a new page that details all inbound links to that page within Wikipedia.

Then, under 'Filters', 'hide' both transclusions and links so that only re-directs to the page are shown.

And hey presto! There's a nice list of synonymous terms with a variety of spellings.

For example, handbag comes up with:

Clutch (handbag) (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Manbag (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Handbags (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Man bag (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Man-bag (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Manpurse (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Hand bag (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Hand-bag (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Hand-bags (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Man purse (redirect page) ‎ (links)
👜 (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Evening bag (redirect page) ‎ (links)

whereas 'telescope' comes up with:

TeleScope (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Telescopes (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Perspicil (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Telescopy (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Astronomic telescope (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Telescopic observational astronomy (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Telescopically (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Astronomical telescope (redirect page) ‎ (links)
Ground telescope (redirect page) ‎ (links)
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